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The Crypto Insurance, by investors for investors
Full ecosystem based on Avalanche Blockchain

Discover Opsya

We have one vision :
cover your crypto investments

Opsya is working as an insurance, we aim to protect crypto investors through easy and accessible insurance for crypto wallets, smart contracts, and NFTs.
As our ecosystem is unique for an insurance protocol users will be insured and rewarded if something wrong happens to someone inside Opsya community, rewarded if all goes fine, and rewarded simply by holding our tokens.

More than that we will implement our DAO, providing excellent staking rate for our users.
Opsya Ecosystem :

  • OPSY / Utility Token
  • OGLD / Reward Token
  • Dapp / Trade OPSY - Insurance Plans
  • DAO / Stack - Rank - Earn
We build a Treasury

Base of Trust
and transparency

The treasury will be at the center of our ecosystem, from here we will be able to reward community and guarantee a solid insurance protocol.

  • OPSY 3% Tax: Buy/sell/transfer
  • OGLD 3% Tax: Buy/Sell/transfer
  • DAO / Investments
  • Avax Validator program

Opsya owns several cold wallets to protect the whole ecosystem !

Item 1

Efficiency of Avalanche smart contracts !

Item 1

OPSY the Utility Token Launch Mar.2022

Our main token will be use for insurance plan subscription in the future, the total supply is only 100M.

Item 1

OPSY Tokenomics View allocation

Our model is designed to be efficient, transparent and understandable.

Item 1

OPSY Taxs Check token reflections

Complete documentation available in our Opsya docs

Opsya Roadmap

One the way
to become a game changer !

Q1 2022 (re scheduled)

  • OPSY Launchpad
  • Listing Coinmarketcap
  • Dapp V1.0

Q1 2022

  • OGLD Launchpad
  • DAO V1.0
  • Audit report

Q2 2022

  • DAO Full realease
  • IOS App Beta test
  • Listing Exchanges

Q3 2022

  • Legal terms and full policy release
  • Validation of Opsya Ecosystem
  • ... Check full road map on our doc section
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